Big Oak Drive-In & Bar-B-Q

What's a Shrimpburger?

The Big Oak's Shrimpburger is . . .

Steamed Bun

Tartar Sauce


Hot Fried Shrimp

and Ketchup!

It's the combination of the different textures and flavors
that make the Big Oak's shrimpburger so good!

Be sure to add some
Big Oak Shrimpburger Hot Sauce!

What they're saying about the Big Oak's Shrimpburger...

"Turn on the blinker and stop the car. This is the place for the best shrimpburger on the Crystal Coast and we aren't just whistlin' Dixie. While others serve a good shrimpburger, Big Oak serves a great one ..."

The Insider's Guide to the Crystal Coast

"Even the most refined palate needs one good dose of fried seafood at the beach. If you pass through the hamlet of Salter Path, pull your car over to the tiny Big Oak Drive-In, stand at the window and order a really good shrimpburger with fried shrimp, slaw and ketchup, an order of crunchy onion rings and a vanilla shake. After all, this is a trip to the beach."

Winston-Salem Journal
Winston-Salem, NC

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